The 5 Best Hotels In Uxmal With Great Mayan Pyramid Views & Surrounded by It’s Rejuvenating Jungle

Surrounded by Uxmal’s dense forest, breathtaking greens and endless blue skies, these Uxmal hotels are favored among travelers for their location close to the famous Uxmal ruins and top-notch services to their guests. Some of the rooms in the hotels even give jaw-dropping views of Uxmal’s Pyramid of the Magician that pokes above the tall forest canopies as it did in the ancient days.

And it’s not just the location. The interior of these Mayan Hotels are decorated with their traditional designs and Spanish vibes to give guests a feel of what it was like to be a part of the past. The hacienda hotels have also seen famous guests and nobles throughout their history which means they know how to give their guests a royal treatment.

They are also a great retreat for resting and rejuvenation away from the city and live’s daily hustle. So take your pick and make the most out of your trip from one of these best hotels in Uxmal. Also note that the prices listed below is just an average and can change according to the season and your travel dates.

Hacienda Maria Elena

4 star hotel
Price starting at: USD $19 per person per night
Special features: Airport transfers, kids’ club, patio for each room

A perfect budget hotel that fits the wallet of most every traveler, Hacienda Maria Elena features gardens, swimming pools and patios for every room. They also offer free bikes for fitness enthusiasts that wants to peddle their way to the Uxmal ruines or around the countryside to clear their minds and souls.

The property also has a bar and a tennis court. At Hacienda María Elena Yucatán every room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, and a balcony with a mountain view. Their restaurant has à la carte, continental or American breakfast available daily at the property.

Uxmal Resort Maya

4 star hotel
Price starting at: USD $65 per person per night
Special features: Views of Uxmal pyramid, star-gazing from the hotels rooftop patio

Surrounded by the dense Yucatan jungle, Uxmal Resort Maya connects its visitors to the local environment and the Mayan culture. Guests can get jaw dropping views of the endless forest canopies and of the Uxmal pyramid that pokes out of the thick forest. It almost makes one feel like they are in an Indiana Jones adventure, resting the night before they set foot the next day which also makes this place one of the closest hotels near Uxmal.

Resort Maya is one of the best Mayan hotels next to the famed archaeological site. The hotel offers restaurants specializing in regional and typical Mayan cuisine. Their facilities also include a pool for guests who wants to cool down after a hot day of exploring the ruins and other sites. Guests can also borrow bikes or walk their way to Uxmal. During the night you can also star gaze and experience the unfiltered night sky from the hotel’s rooftop patio

The Pickled Onion Eco Boutique B&B

4 star hotel
Price starting at: USD $69 per person per night
Special features: Mayan-style accommodation, massages and reiki treatments, offers lunch and dinner to non-hotel guests

If you want to experience living in traditional Mayan decorated rooms, then The Pickled Onion Eco-Boutique is the right choice for you. These thatched Mayan-style bungalows offer gorgeous countryside views while surrounded by equally beautiful gardens. And what this place offers that the other hotels don’t on this list is the massages and Reiki.

For tired travelers or those who are looking for a perfect retreat from the bustle and hustle of their daily lives, this Eco-Boutique offers massages and reiki sessions to their guests for some relaxation and rejuvenation. Coupled with gorgeous sunset views and the unpolluted night sky, this is a great place for getting rid of the blues.

Their restaurant offers great Mayan cuisine and is also a great stop for travelers just looking to have some lunch or dinner without having to stay the night. So if you are looking for a bite to eat during your trip, you can drop into this Eco-Boutique to quench your hunger. They also offer picnic lunches for you to take on your way.

Hacienda Uxmal Plantation

5 star hotel
Price starting at: USD $85 per person per night
Special features: Vintage-car ride tours to plantations, archaeologist gallery, oldest historic hotel

The Hacienda Uxmal is one of the most popular and best hotels in Yucatan Peninsula having had famous guests like Queen Elizabeth II, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Jean-Frederic Maximilien stay at this historic resort. According to the hotel’s website, this place is known to be the world’s oldest hacienda hotel.

The Hacienda Uxmal Plantation was built in 1683 by the famed Peón family and is still run by their descendants. This holiday destination is covered with 23,000 acres countryside greens of Southern Mexico and working plantations that are still in use today. The interiors of the hotel featured hand-painted tile, sculpted masonry and wooden accents that blends modern Spanish designs with Mayan culture.

The hotel also houses a gallery with items dedicated to the explorers and archaeologists who discovered and popularized the Uxmal Mayan ruins. This palatial like stay is also close to the Choco-Story México museum, and of course, the Uxmal ruins. Other amenities at the hotel includes renting bikes, outdoor pools, sundecks, spas, and a game room. The hotel serves Yucatecan and Mayan cuisine in two of their restaurants.

The Lodge at Uxmal

5 star hotel
Price starting at: USD $219 per person per night
Special features: Thatched bungalow haciendas, pyramid views, terraces and hammocks

Looking like it belongs to an ancient Mayan village yet offering all the amenities of modern-day luxury hotels, The Lodge at Uxmal is every resort-lovers pick. The exclusive hotel is surrounded by tropical vegetation and exotic gardens. Each of their villas come with it’s own terraces, rocking chairs and hammocks.

The bungalows exteriors are all made with thatch roofs while the interiors are built with modern minibars, coffee makers, and carved wood furnishings. Some of the rooms have views of the Uxmal pyramid and complimentary WiFi. The villas are surrounded by tropical gardens and thick vegetations.

The resort also has pools and an on-site spa to rest and rejuvenate after exploring through the Uxmal ruins. Guests can also rent bikes or go hiking in nearby walking trails and nature reserves. A number of Colonial towns and Mayan villages also serves as spots for touring around.


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