Jubail Mangroves – What To Do, Things to See & Stay at The Nature Retreat

A thriving green island with crystal blue sea water, the Jubail Mangrove Park is a nature haven for the green-hungry folks that are used to seeing the orange sands of the desert and for travelers who want to see the wild side of UAE.

Stretching across 4,000 hectares of mangrove forests surrounded by more than 30km of sea water, this is one of the popular and must see places in Abu Dhabi where all citizens, residents and tourists alike flock to.

It’s thick dark trees, various species like crabs, grey herons, flamingoes and fishes also make it one of the best mangroves in UAE for nature-lovers to enjoy and undoubtedly a few of the breathtaking outdoor places to visit in UAE during the cooler months. So for those planning to visit the Jubail Mangrove Park, here are a few things to know.

A tip for the travelers, try to visit this Abu Dhabi mangrove forest during the high-tide so you can experience the mangroves with its surroundings filled with water and marine life.

Jubail Mangrove Walk

Jubail mangroves is known for its boardwalk that lets visitors experience the mangroves in UAE from the inside. There are three paths you can take for the walk – one that stretches around 1km, another around 1.5km and the third one being around 2km. While this distance of the boardwalk is a single stretch, be prepared to walk for more than 2km as you’ll be wandering about, diverting here and there and maybe even going back and forth to the corners.

The boardwalk also has multiple fun stops like “the beach platform” where you’ll see the blue seawater and the white salt crust mud. A small low platform allows you to get a closer look at the mangroves sand and take in the raw atmosphere that this nature wonder provides. The boardwalk also has resting spots and lamps that light up after sundown

See The Wildlife

One of the fun things that makes this Abu Dhabi mangroves worth visiting is spotting wildlife. Visitors can see plenty of crabs, periwinkles, grey herons and maybe even flamingos (if you are lucky) during your walks. The waters also have plenty of fishes in different shapes and patterns swimming between the roots. Take a pair of binoculars with you to spot birds nesting in the heavy trees or at a distance. You’ll also see several dozen crabs burrowing their way in the sands or munching on food. During high-tides sea anemones can also be found in the waters.

Abu Dhabi Mangrove Kayaking

If walking isn’t your thing, then you can opt for the kayaking activity that’s available every Sunday for 120 Dhs. But for those of you who would like to try out the famous Abu Dhabi mangrove kayaking on other days of the week, you can opt for an eastern mangroves kayaking experience (the city’s most popular one) which is just 20-30 minutes away from Jubail Island. This experience will take you through the scenic route of thick trees of the mangrove as you paddle through spots where wildlife is abundant.

Stay at Pura Eco Retreat

To make your trip to Jubail Island and the mangroves more memorable and adventures, reserve a tent at the Pura Eco Retreat and immerse yourself in pure nature. This serene place is located near to the mangroves and features accommodation, restaurant, complimentary breakfast (extra for lunch and dinner) and even free bikes.

This secluded, private eco retreat is reserved only for adults and promises complete serenity, relaxing and rejuvenation. Guests can pick either luxury eco-domes with private bathrooms, king-size beds and fire pits or go for tents that offer a camping experience with public bathrooms, outdoor seating, fire pits and king size beds in the tent.

Pura also encourages guests to experience the nature with free bikes, paid kayaking tours and yoga sessions. It’s one of the best outdoor places in Abu Dhabi to rest and rejuvenate from your busy lives.

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