Pitch Your Stories

If you are a traveller or photographer who loves all things nature and has a knack for adventure then your stories will fit right in. Here is how you can pitch in your stories to us:

For writers:

Before you pitch in, please read some of the articles on the site so you can have a better understanding of the type of stories, writing style and tone of voice we use. Your travel stories must be either of the following:

  • Adventure travel with activities like hiking, trekking, kayaking (not in beaches), diving etc
  • Places must have either a historical or archaeological significance
  • Places used as shooting locations for action, adventure or fantasy movies
  • Exciting travel stories about mountains and forests are very welcome
  • We do not accept stories on any leisurely city strolls, beaches or resort experiences.
  • All stories must be written in a second or neutral voice. Stories must contain helpful information of the places you’re writing about. Think of it like this “why would this place excite a traveller and what kind of information would a traveller going to this place be looking for?”
  • Stories written in the first-person POV will not be accepted.

For photographers:

  • Photographs must be high-definition with 300 DPI
  • We will only accept photographs in these categories: wildlife, nature and culture.
  • Your photographs must tell a story. Please provide information on what the photographs are about, where it is taken and what it represents.

Send your stories or photographs to atworldsorigins@gmail.com with the subject line “Story pitch for AWO” for writers or “Photography pitch for AWO” for photographers.

The written stories must either be attached to the email or as a link to google docs. The pitches will be reviewed and you will be contacted in two weeks’ time.