Al Rabi Hiking Trail – Views of Khorfakkan Port & the Arabian Sea

Al Rabi hiking trail almost looks like a city out of some European country with gorgeous views of the blue sea, azure sky and green hills. It’s almost hard to believe that a place like this would exist in the vast expanse of the desert and its endless towering stone mountains. Although a lot of folks in the country has heard of the Al Rabi Mountain, only a few still make it to the top.

A lot of blogs and articles lists Al Rabi as an easy hike but that doesn’t stand true for all types of hikers that visit here. From beginners to expert hikers, Al Rabi’s different paths and curves makes it possible for all types of hikers and that’s probably why it’s one of the most famous spots for hiking in UAE.

Al Rabi Mountain Hike – Easy or Difficult?

The 6km terrain of the Al Rabi hiking trail switches between easy to moderate difficult. The climb starts right by the side of The Wave restaurant and is easy with broad walkways and straight roads. While there is a board with a “hiking trail” written pointing to some steps, beginners can ignore this as that trail is a little tougher to navigate.

The path by The Wave restaurant is more suitable for beginners with wide roads and plain walkways. As you make your way further in, the path starts getting a little tougher with a gradual incline, uneven slopes, and rocky terrains. If you’re not used to hiking at all then this can feel like a bit of a workout. Beginners can make it till here and a little further until you reach a rest stop – a tent with benches to sit and rest.

From here, the terrain gets rocky and uneven and climbing can be difficult for an untrained hiker. While a lot of other articles might list Al Rabi Mountain Hike as an easy one – this isn’t true for all folks as those with little or no hiking experience can find it truly exhausting.

If you’re a beginner and still want to try hiking in Fujairah without the difficulties, then you can check out the Al Bithnah Nature trail. With straight roads on a flat surface and tranquil farm views on one side, this is an ideal hike for those who are looking to get a taste of what this activity is like.

Spectacular Views

Al Rabi mountain is also known for its gorgeous view of the Fujairah sea with the Khorfakkan port. This view can be seen from the start of the hiking trail near The Wave restaurant and the view of the sea expands as you climb higher. Once you reach the first initial incline, you’ll be able to see further with tens of marine vessels and ships surrounding the port and setting sail into the deeper waters.

On the other side, the majestic Hajar mountains stretch as far as the horizon with valleys of white buildings tucked between the mud brown mountains. Winter sunsets also give a spectacular view with the mountain range turning hazy as the bright golden light sinks behind them.

During the colder season, the mountain is pretty green with lavender flowers and other wild plants popping up all over the hills. Butterflies and exotic birds also grace the mountains with their presence and hikers have a pretty good chance to get a glimpse of them.

Summits – Get to the top

Since Al Rabi mountain switches the hiking experience from easy to moderate as it goes along, hikers and visitors can decide how far they want to go. There are more than one stopping points and a total of three summits for different type of hikers.

For those who are not used to hiking at all, they can stop at the first incline. This place is also a viewpoint where visitors can take in the beautiful sights of the blue sky and equally azure sea.

For those adventurous enough to trudge a little further, there is a rest-stop with a tent and benches to sit on. This place has great views that overlooks the valley. It’s a great spot for taking a short break or to decide that this is where your hiking ends.

Hikers that are more experienced and wants to reach the summit can move along. From here on, the paths get uneven with rocks and broken stones that makes the hike a little bit more difficult. Some stone steps also lead the way. You’ll be able to reach the first summit here. Walking a little further will get you to the second summit and deciding to go even further will get you to the last summit that is marked by a flag. After summitting, you can make your way down through the same path you climbed up.

Tips to Remember

Parking – The hiking trail has both long-term and short-term parking. Long-term parking are at the foot of the mountain but parking there means you’ll have to walk the entire way up to the starting point of the trail. Short-term parking is right at the hiking start point but it can get pretty full. That said, some people do leave sooner than others so there are chances to get a spot there. You can decide where to park according to your comfort and hiking goals.

Attire – Make sure to dress in a suitable hiking outfit or an outfit that will help you make your hike easier. The path has an incline (you’ll find yourself on a gradual slope that climbs up) so dress to make your walk easier.

Essentials – There are no drinking stations or anything of the sort in between so make sure you carry plenty of water with you. If you’re the type to get hungry quickly, carry a couple of bites as well.

Plan the hours – Once the sun sets, there are no lights to guide hikers along the path. It’s better to reach the trail by at least 2pm during the winter months so you have enough time to hike the mountain till the summit and climb back down.


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