5 Incredible Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Croatia

If you’ve ever thought that the fictional places in Game of Thrones seemed a little too real, then that’s because it really was. There are several places in the famous HBO series that took place in the real areas of Croatia’s Dubrovnik and Split.

Like settings that came straight out of a novel or a TV series (because it is), here are the 5 Game of Thrones places to visit for all GOT fans that would love to explore the world of kings, slaves, and dragons.

King’s Landing – Pile Gate

Walking through Dubrovnik’s Pile Gate is like living through the world of Games of Thrones. The majority of the series, especially King’s Landing, was filmed in this medieval location. GOT fans can see the Red Keep, the House of the Undying, the setting of the Purple Wedding, and much more while exploring this old 15th-century Croatian city.

Located on the west side of Dubrovnik, a fortress perched above the area was used for a particular conversation between Tyrion and Lord Varyus where Tyrion tells him that he feels good at being the hand of the king takes place here.

Cersei’s Walk of Shame Route – The Baroque Jesuit Stairs

If there is one scene that stuck in the minds of viewers from Game of Thrones season 5, it’s Cersei’s infamous “walk of shame”. Maybe you can sympathize with what Cersei felt by climbing down the very stairs she was forced to walk while being punished by the town’s people.

The Baroque Jesuit staircase was where a shot of this very scene was filmed. According to Looper.com, this particular scene was extremely difficult to film because Dubrovnik didn’t want a naked woman to be filmed in their extremely recognizable and famous ruins. But the producers were able to get permission to shoot much of the scene here.

And it’s not just the particular scene that was shot here. A lot of sequences were filmed at these beautiful stairs with it’s gorgeous backdrop.

Daenerys’ Throne Room and Dragons -Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Diocletian’s Palace is a UNESCO heritage site and is one of the most famous landmarks in Split. It was built during the 3rd-century by one of Rome’s emperors, Diocletian, as his retirement residence.

While it is famous for its historical facts, the palace is also famous for one other thing – as Daenerys’ Throne Room. Many of Daenerys’ scenes were shot in this historical place. The scenes where she spends time training her dragons were also shot in this palace’s interiors.

In season 4, in the interiors of these outstanding ruins, the slaves gather around the fire and decide whether or not to support Daenerys.

Visit this Game of Thrones set and as you walk through these floors, you might feel like Daenerys herself who once trained dragons within these strong pillars.

Blackwater Bay – Dubrovnik’s West Harbor

Coastal Croatia isn’t complete without some amazing water views and offering such stunning beauty of blues and seas is Dubrovnik’s West Harbor. This spot offers breath taking views of Fort Lovrijenac and Fort Bokar with an endless stretch of water in between.

Back in the day, this area was said to have been used as a transport hub for seafarers arriving in the city. One of the important scenes that took here was when Little Finger makes small talk with Sansa and Shae. This port is also shown multiple times throughout the series in Blackwater Bay battle sequences.

City of Meereen – Klis Fortress

The fantasy City of Mereen is not so unreal. The scenes which show the exterior of Mereen in GOT were filmed at Klis Fortress, a beautiful medieval structure with gorgeous views of the glistening Adriatic Sea below.

Travelers can hike to the top where they shot the scene of Daenerys answering the “injustice with justice” question.

Klis Fortress was also used during the seizing of Mereen by Daenerys and freeing the captives from their masters. This dramatic fortress is shown during a key plot in the series where Khaleesi punishes the rules of Meereen by nailing them to crosses for all the slaves to see.

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