A Guide to Wadi Abadilah Hiking Trail

A nature hike that took the attention of hikers and nature lovers in the country and had them storming in on the cooler days of UAE, Wadi Abadilah is a hiking trail that came to the attention of the public just recently. And for good reason.

Abadilah is a great place for beginner hikers or nature lovers to take a quick 2-hour hike through the uneven terrain. But for those who would love a leisure stroll and seeing wildlife while you’re at it, Al Ain Zoo is a great place to start for ones who like walking and enjoy seeing some rare and majestic animals while you’re at it.

Since Abadilah is tucked in between Fujairah’s towering mountains, there isn’t any public transportation to the place. If you don’t have a ride but would still love to visit this natural place in UAE, then you can hire a private car and driver for 8 hours that will take you to Abadilah or any location in Fujairah.

Scenery & Wadi Location

With most of UAE only having a limitless sea of sand, this new hiking trail in Fujairah became the crowd’s favorite for its stretch of slim land with nature (mostly used for farming) on one end and with a tiny water pond on the other. Hence, there is no shortage of all things trees, frogs, and dragonflies.

Wadi Abadilah is located in Diba and can be found on google maps but be careful! As you approach the destination, you will find a board on the road that shows Wadi Abadailah on the left side but the hiking trail is in fact on the right side. You will get a board that says “Wadi Wuraiyah nature reserve” and that’s the direction you need to take. Click here for the route map.

What to Wear

Before you decide to set out to this wonderful new trail, make sure you are dressed for the occasion! Tight pants, good gripping shoes, and tees will be needed to hike this trail as it has uneven terrain and lots of rocks that need climbing over. Rocks near the water ponds are slippery and steep so be careful when you walk over these. Avoid wearing heeled shoes, skirts, and dresses even if you’re not planning to walk very far.

About the trail and hike

For expert hikers, this will be an easy one but for non-experienced and new hikers, Wadi Abadilah can be a little bit of a challenge.

Once you arrive at the destination, park your car on the higher ground and you will find a set of stairs leading to the wadi below. That’s where the hiking starts. The Wadi Abadilah hiking trail is 1km, at least for non-hikers. An adventurous path awaits those who want to venture further.

The flight of stairs at the entry point leads to the mountain valley below. Fresh air and soft breeze welcome the hikers. Tall grasses and large trees give shade from sunlight and any heat from the weather is naturally cooled. The hiking trail begins with a mountain wall on one side and trees on the other. Oranges, bananas, and other farm plants line up one after the other in a jungle look alike. Bees and wasps fly around in certain areas but don’t worry. These guys won’t sting.

A few minutes later, the trail leads to a small pond below like a mini water reservoir. Small streams trickle into this pond. Algae can be seen growing between the rocks and the water beds. For the best hiking experience, hikers should take this route. This pond is home to fish and even frogs! A site that is not so common in UAE. Many non-hikers will find this as the last spot. It gives a good, soothing environment and some rocks are big enough to comfortably sit on and rest before they begin their trek back to their cars.

But for hikers that want to walk a little more, climb over those boulders and you will be on your way to the other side with a gorgeous mountain summit. From here on out the path gets very uneven with lots of small and larger rocks making the floor.

Without a good set of shoes, your feet can start hurting as you continuously step on larger and smaller stones. This place is like the epitome of what Fujairah is known for with rocky mountains covering all sides and some trees plunging up from the ground. But it doesn’t end here just yet.

A walk further and you will get two paths diverging left and right. The path on the right continuous ahead as it is with slopes getting steeper and the climb getting harder. But that’s where it stops. The path on the left has some very peculiar steep stairs leading all the way to the top. Take these stairs and you will find yourself climbing to the summit.

The top of the mountain is a breathtaking scene that gives you a gorgeous view of the world around you. It’s nothing but barren land that stretches on for miles like a scene out of the mountain tops of the movie “Alpha.”

Now some of you might ask if this place is good for camping but there are no rules or regulations regarding that matter and more research would be great before you settle to plan for camping etc. If you do set up camp, remember to respect mother nature avoiding to throw trash when you hike and be eco-friendly travelers!

Although the summit is Wadi Adailah’s ending point, the experience of reaching the summit is worthwhile and will have you coming back for one more hike.

Tell us your experience of the wadi by leaving a comment below!

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