UAE Flower Farm: A Garden Between The Mountains

A field of lavenders, marigolds, and vivid colors spreads across the area, making the UAE Flower Farm (or RAK Flower Farm) one of the most beautiful green places in UAE where nature lovers and garden enthusiasts can feast their eyes with an abundant array of flora.

Although it’s called RAK Flower Farm, this beautiful UAE flower garden is located in Masafi. Follow the route map here to get there with ease.

A field of flowers in between Fujairah mountains at RAK Flower Farm
A field of flowers in between Fujairah mountains at RAK Flower Farm

This place is officially known as the Wadi Asimah flower farm and is located in Masafi. The farm boasts around 30,000 flowers that include gladioli, dandelions, blue larkspur, sunflowers, and many more tucked away between the stretch of Fujairah’s famous mountains and valleys.

A breath of fresh air surrounds the place and visitors can also see a few animals (horses, peacocks, budgies and oryx) here. You can spend a happy 30 minutes here walking between the colorful field and gazing at the greens.

This flower farm in UAE also lets you make your own bouquet or buy a packet of fresh seeds so you can bud these beauties in your own garden.

A coffee shop is also situated in the middle of the flower farm so you can take a sip of hot coffee in the chill breeze while gazing at the colors the place has to offer.

A Bonus Area

While coming back, follow the same route that took you to the farm. It will take you to the small Masafi town area that’s full of local delicacies and bargain-worthy potteries. Grab yourself some delicious luqaimat (traditional UAE sweet dumplings) and tasty matka tea that’s served in handmade clay cups.

UAE Flower Farm Info

  • The entrance fee costs 15 dhs per person
  • The farm opens from 7am to 6.30pm everyday
  • It’s closed during the summertime for maintenance

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