7 Essential Hiking Gear for Beginners

One of the most fun activities to do for nature-lovers, walkers, and outdoor explorers, hiking is a popular sport for most travelers. It’s where walking meets adventure and an experience that brings plenty of stories to tell.

If you aren’t one of the proud hikers yet but would love to get started on the trail, but don’t know exactly what to have for hiking, here are some must-have hiking equipment for beginners that will make your walk all the more fun, enjoyable and easier.

Multifunctional survival bracelet

Paracord survival bracelet
Paracord survival bracelet

A fashionable, useful tool that fits perfectly around your wrist, this hiking bracelet (also known as a paracord bracelet) could be the reason you survive and find your way back home from the wild if you ever get lost or find yourself in danger.

The survival bracelet is for places where network and GPS don’t work and is a very helpful hiking survival kit to have for those who like to venture into the wild. It comes with a build-in rope, compass, firestarter stone to help start fires when camping, and a whistle to sound where you are. 

Hiking shoes

Best hiking shoes
Sturdy hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are obviously a must-have hiking gear or you will experience painful toes, heels and find yourself slipping on uneven grounds. That said, you don’t need overly expensive shoes with spikes on the bottom to make your walk comfortable. What you need is good quality shoes with a good grip to prevent you from slipping or hurting your legs. 

Waterproof hiking shoes are ideal to avoid soggy socks in unexpected rains and muddy areas. It also helps avoid discomfort during hiking in wet months if you love going to tropical countries. If you want to know how to choose hiking shoes, go for quality ones that are breathable, waterproof, and have a good under grip. Like these for example:

Hiking poles

Trekking poles used for hiking
Trekking poles used for hiking

Hiking support sticks are great for hikers of all kinds. It helps keep you stable and keeps away joint pains in the legs. It’s also a great hiking accessory to use on rough terrains. These types of trekking poles will also help improve your endurance and give you more strength when walking uphill so you won’t be gasping, panting and feel like you need to stop every 5 minutes.

Hiking backpack

Best hiking mini pack

This is a given if your hike lasts for more than one day but if you’re also wondering what to bring for a day hike, then a mini hiking backpack should definitely be on your list. Like these ones:

When choosing a hiking pack, be it for a multi-day hike or a single-day hike, lightweight hiking bags are the way to go. This way, you can fill your bag with essentials without creating overweight on your shoulders. Waterproof backpacks are a great bet so all your things will remain dry and safe even in an unexpected rain or wet circumstances (like falling into a pond).

What to wear when hiking

The right set of clothes is essential hiking gear. Without proper clothes, you will find yourself hating the experience and turning the other way to return home. The kind of clothes mentioned here is what to wear when hiking in summer. 

The best type of walking clothes (when you’re not anywhere chilly), is long tight pants and full-covered shirts. You might think it’s too much for summer, but hiking is often done in places where there can be animals around. So to keep yourself from unnecessary bites, stings, or rashes and gashes from leaves/rocks in rough terrains it’s always good to cover yourself up with lightweight hiking clothes.

Simple hiking shirt likes and plain hiking pants will do the trick and keep your walk comfortable.

Hiking hats

Keep the sunlight off your face and save yourself from heat exhaustion with a hiking sun hat. Though most hikers use a hiking baseball hat or strap-back hat, any type of hat will help keep you cool and prevent the glaring sunlight from hitting your eyes. That said, the best hiking hat for hot weather would definitely be sun hats. Buy a hat that fits your style and is useful for your hiking trip.


It might not be essential but it definitely gives your hiking experience all the more fun. If your hiking routes are green and wild areas then chances are you will encounter some incredible wildlife in the distance. It’s always a good practice to never approach animals in the wild, so watch them from a distance with binoculars. 

Pocket binoculars will do more than just the trick for this. You can also opt for binoculars for birdwatching to see the pretty feathered friends around you.

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