Maldives Glowing Beach – When & Where to See Them

Why wish for magical portals and fairyland when those very and ethereal scenic beauty can be found right here in this real world. Where would that be, you might ask? The shores of Maldive’s shining beach await travelers who want to see the waters light up in a mystical blue glow.

The Maldives is open for tourists once again just in time for the shining phenomenon that washes up in the shimmering shores of Vaadloo island in the Raa Atoll. Although it looks very magical, its science is anything but. This magnificent illumination is caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton.

Maldives plankton in its bioluminescent glow

These organisms contain luciferin, an organic substance that produces light (such as the light in fireflies) which then reacts with oxygen causing the glowing effect in the darkness of the night that we see.

Maldives bioluminescent beach is scattered with thousands of these special planktons making the sand and the waves in the beaches light up. The best time to see this glowing water and sand is between the month of June to October when the seas are comparatively warmer than the rest of the year. The lack of moonlight will also make these Maldives plankton even brighter.

So if you are planning a trip to this tropical paradise and you are wondering what are the unique things to do in Maldives, then this should definitely be on top of your list!

2 thoughts on “Maldives Glowing Beach – When & Where to See Them

  1. Gorgeous pictures. I’ve seen this happen in other places as well (like Holbox in Mexico) but I’m unsure if it’s the same phenomenon.

    Is there a specific time to go see them that is better? I saw you said June to October, but I’m speaking more time of day. As in, is it better to wake up and see them at 3am compared to 11pm or midnight?



    1. Hi Kyle, thanks for the comment! The bioluminescent algae light up when it’s pretty dark so the best chances to see it would probably be after 8pm and into midnight. As long as it’s dark and there are waves on the beach, you should be able to see it well.

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