Top 7 Best Countries to Visit During Summer for Unique Activities

With warmer months packing their way into the year, countries are setting up their gear to welcome the flock of tourists that are dying to breathe in some fresh air after the chill season. There are tons of countries to visit during summer to laze around beaches and have a relaxing vacation.

But the places in this list offer something a little more than that. From seeing the one and only wildebeest migration and witnessing thousands of turtles in their nesting season to taking part in medieval festivals and sailing amidst icebergs, these countries offer something unique that nowhere else can offer. Here are the best places to travel during summer to have the most terrific time of your life.


The Great Migration in Kenya

With the wild grasses dried out due to the country’s dry season, July to September is the best time to visit Kenya for the popular Kenya Safari. The vast plain land makes it easier to see the animals in all their wild glory. During the month of July and August, tourists have a higher chance of witnessing the incredible wildebeest migration in Masai mara as well as the zebra migration.

Even though it’s the middle of summer, Kenya weather in August ranges between average highs of 25C in daytime and drops to 11C at night time, making it comfortable and one of the best times to see the Great Migration in Masai Mara.


Backwater Boating in Kerala

Known as “God’s Own Country”, Kerala, the South of India, is a green haven for travelers looking for wild adventures while witnessing the beauty of nature in all its glory. While many would argue that October to January would be ideal to visit this tropical paradise, the summer months of August and September are also the best time to visit Kerala. The temperatures range from an average of 25-29C with high chances of rainfall.

August is part of the monsoon season but the heavy showers are already done within June and July. Those who love a bit of rain and the cooler winds that it brings will find themselves loving this time of the year. An adventure trip in Kerala means dense forests, bamboo rafting, and boating in the backwaters. The pretty sight of rainfall only adds to the photographic beauty.


Niagara Falls in Canada during sunrise

With winter being in the extremes, it’s not a surprise that the country’s summer months are the best time to visit Canada. June to August temperatures in the country vary from 15 to 30C with some parts being slightly colder.

If you’re in for a visit to this northern part of the world, then be ready to wander in its breathtaking nature. Summer activities in Canada include a visit the Niagara Falls, exploring national parks, and hiking through the wilderness.


Performers intact a fight at the Sighisoara Medieval Festival

Visit Romania at any time of the year and it will give you plenty of reasons to love the country. But Romania takes a place in this list for its one-of-a-kind festival that only happens in August – the Sighisoara Medieval Festival.

This Romania summer festival turns the clock of the entire Sighisoara town back to its medieval times when knights roamed the cobblestone streets and people believed in all things black magic and vampires.

This festival in Romania brings back that essence with people dressed in the Middle Age attires, cobblers, and blacksmiths going about their work in the streets and “knights” dressed up in their traditional outfits on horseback. There are sword fights, poetry reading, weapon display, and much more. Attending this festival is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Transylvania when the temperature is a comfortable 21 to 25C on average.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Turtle Conservation – hundreds of turtle babies hatch on the beach

With temperatures around 21-32C, May to November is the country’s dry and green season making it the best time to travel to Costa Rica. Though the country is known for its beaches and relaxing vibes, these months of summer are when the phenomenal turtle nesting season in Costa Rica takes place at Tortuguero National Park every year.

This protected area is accessible by air or the sea, and volunteers can see four different species of sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Leatherback turtles start the nesting season from March-May and Loggerhead turtles from July through October. Hawkbill turtles inhabit the beach all through March to October.

This time of the year is also the best time for adventure activities in the country like river rafting, rainforest hiking, and snorkeling.


Humpback whales in Iceland

How is Iceland on a “summer” list when the country barely goes above 10 degrees celsius on average, you might wonder? Well, like all the other countries on this list, this cold country’s summer months (June-August or April-October) are unique because they are the best time for whale watching in Iceland.

Husavik is the best place for whale watching where you can get more than a glimpse of Orcas, Humpbacks, Pilot Whales, and White-Beaked Dolphins.

Another reason, Iceland is great for visiting during summer is its accessibility to the highlands. During winter this path gets buried in snow. Summertime opens up these highlands to vast lands of green with backdrops of snow-capped mountains making it the best time to hike in Iceland.

June to August months are also great for spotting puffins, sailing amidst icebergs, and seeing the midnight sun.


Temples in Bali

A vacationer’s paradise, Bali is the dream place for relaxation, fun, and a destination for a movie-type romance. April to October is the country’s dry season with temperatures a mild 26C making it the best time to visit Bali.

Traveling to the country at this time of the year means you can catch the colorful and lively Sanur village festival in August and visit the incredible and mythical temples the beautiful country has to offer.

Note: Due to the covid pandemic, festivals and activities could be on hold or canceled. Please research and check with appropriate authorities for more info.

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