Leaf Cutter Bees – The Gentle Stingers

When one hears the word “bees” and “wasps”, the first thought that goes through the mind is “sharp pain” and “stay away”. But these little bugs known as “leaf cutter bees” are one of the most passive, non-stinger bees that are very important for pollination and flowering. And their handiwork makes them quite fascinating.

Leaf cutters are unlike the regular stingers. These bees are usually grey in color with a pollen brush on the underside of their abdomen. They don’t live in a hive of honey neither do they make said honey. They are a solitary family of bees that make nests for their young ones. These bees cut out circles from leaves and flowers. These leaves are then used as a nursery where the female bee lays her eggs.

These solitary bees are also very non-aggressive. They don’t sting people even when you get close to them unless you try to grab or harm them and even then their sting is very mild compared to that of bumblebees or yellow jackets.

Leaf cutter bees are very important to the environment since they are great pollinators for fruits and flowers. And not just pollination. By cutting out small circles in these leaves, it causes the plants to quickly bear fruit or bud flowers. Like other bees, these little fellas have become endangered due to climate change, habitat loss and pesticides.

Helping leaf cutters to thrive is a simple task that anyone can do. All you need is a a small plant or two that will attract these gray buzzers to your garden. Since these bees are very gentle, you don’t even have to fear about getting a painful bite. Be eco-friendly and take little steps to help save the world!

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