Jew Street: Antiques, Art & History

In a country that is famed for its jungles, mountains and backwaters, a historic street that is tucked into the famed city of Kochi can be easily missed for adventurous tourists and locals alike. But for those who have a heart for history will find themselves quite taken with the Jew Street of Kochi.

Historic Jew Street was the once-thriving Jewish community in the heart of Kochi with roots that go back to 1568. The street is lined with jew-ish style houses, shops that sells antiques, arts and craft that wouldn’t by found anywhere else in the country. Bronze colored hand-made crafts with clever designs and master artwork can be found in the numerous antique stores that line up the street. Various sign posts are scattered across the street in both English and Hebrew to guide visitors while keeping that historic touch.

The famed Jew Street is also known for its Paradesi Synagogue that was built in the 16th century by Spanish speaking Jews. Today the synagogue stands as a historic sight for tourists and is the only working Jewish synagogue in all of Kochi. Visitors can explore the synagogue for a fee.

The synagogue itself is an art work of centuries old material. It has several gold crowns and Belgian-glass chandeliers. It houses the 10-th century copper plates and 18th century Chinese hand-painted porcelain tiles as flooring. The outside has an 18th century clock tower. The surrounding of the synagogue is covered in the natural greens of Kerala that gives it a wild look all around.

The place is perfect for an evening stroll with history and beauty to keep you company.

Note: The Synagogue is open every day except Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish holidays. Timings are from 10 am to 12pm and 3 pm to 5 pm. Visitors are expected to enter the Synagogue barefoot.

Where to eat:

Once you are done with the stroll in Jew Street, a short drive will bring you to the beaches of Kochi where food stalls and seating line the sands. Head to Lemon Tree restaurant for a delightful seafood extravaganza made with traditional spices and mouth-watering tastes of Kerala.

It’s a perfect spot for family and friends or for a romantic evening with candle lights on your table. You will be able to snack on the delicacies as you hear the gentle swooshing of the sea with a calm breeze that keeps your food warm till the end.

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