UAE’s Pride: The Etihad Musuem

UAE might be a geographically small country with seven emirates that is easily accessible within a three hour drive, but given that, it’s not small in its treasures and values. Housing some of the largest structures in the world (Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa), a culture that is rich in its traditions and customs, and places that attract tourists wherever they go, UAE is filled with attractions.

But unaware to most public, there lies a museum that tells a tale of great beginnings, amazing visionaries and bonds between leaders that first formed in words of trust alone.

Etihad Museum is undoubtedly UAE’s pride. It’s the place where seven great leaders from seven countries came together to sign a treaty that would form what became to be the United Arab Emirates.

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The Museum is located in Jumeirah 1st Dubai and it’s easily accessible with a free car parking. The museum is located in the second floor. As the lift opens the viewer is greeted by a beautiful sight of fountain separated by glass.


Inside Exhibit

The entrance fee is Dhs25 for adult and Dhs10 for students. A spiral staircase downstairs leads to the main exhibit.

The museum exhibits information on various rulers and royalties that united the Arab countries into one. The exhibit starts with the real belongings of the seven first leaders encased in glass boxes. Their items vary form guns, gold daggers to watches and robes.

The museum houses a 3D theatre and up-to-date fascinating technology where you get a whole story displayed on screen with a flick of your finger.

Items displayed in the museum shows things from the military weapons and badges, to the contract signed by the rulers to form the UAE and many more displays that makes you subconsciously raise your hand for applause.

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Outside Exhibit

The most thrilling of infrastructure is on the outside. Here is where visitors realize that they are standing on the same ground where the leaders met and signed a treaty for the beginning of UAE in 1971. The press room and visitors palace where the royalties met are guarded but still visible to visitors as they bask in the glory of a great history.

The place is surrounded by a mini man-made pond and greenery that attracts ducks and other animals. A huge UAE flag stands tall in the middle.

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Tips to Remember

The best time to visit the museum is from November to March when the hot weather has gone down since there is a lot of walking to do outside.

If you visit around 3PM then an hour later you can be part of a free tour guide where they will take you to the inside of the Visitor’s Palace which otherwise will be restricted entry into the rooms.

There is a small coffee shop upstairs for refreshments and small bites.

Students will be handed a small guide where they can participate in fun activities.

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